Complete Sexual Wellness with

Vasnik 90 Day
Premium COURSE

After a long research and analysis of our R&D team, and considering traditional ancient ayurvedic formulations, we designed an effective 90-day course for complete natural sexual wellness without any side effects. Vasnik Capsules are not like other so called ayurvedic products which promise more and deliver nothing. Vasnik Capsules are truly natural, 100% safe & effective solution to cure your sexual & general weakness. 

By using Vasnik 90-day course, you can easily defeat all your sexual problems like loss of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low energy levels etc. and level up your sex game to satisfy your partner with the extreme pleasure of multiple orgasms. 

Caution: Most Ayurvedic Capsules / medicines sold online or offline nowadays promising instant results, but those can never be 100% natural & safe. Because No ayurvedic remedy can provide you instant results with one or two usage. A genuine Ayurvedic remedy will always take moderate time to show results. We here do not promise that you will notice results on first use, it may take 4-7 days (depend on person to person) to notice the results. But yes, we assure you that once you start noticing the results, they will not be temporary, they will be permanent changes.

Why Choose Vasnik course?

Vasnik capsules are formulated with proven Ayurvedic ingredients and practices that has been used by the world for over 5000 years.


Vasnik capsules got its name from the ingredients that go into making these capsules. Every capsule contains 100% pure swarn bhasma, shilajit, ashwagandha extracts, white muesli roots, makardhwaj, akarkara, shatavari and 6 other natural herbs that are known to boost sexual stamina and libido.

Vasnik Capsules are manufactured at an advanced manufacturing facility certified under GMP compliances. This means you get a high-quality, unadulterated and effective formulation to improve your sexual performance.

Vasnik is being liked by its users on all platforms to attain sexual nirvana without any adverse effects in any age.

sex capsules for hard erection

pack of 30 Days
(60 Caps)

1399 1245/-

Exclusive trial pack for you to try out Vasnik’s efficacy and effectiveness. 

Take 2 capsules daily for best results. The trial pack completes 1/3 part of the complete 90-day course. 

Pack of 60 days
(120 caps)

2798 1990/-

This pack can take you halfway through your dream of achieving sexual niravana. 

Buy this pack of 120 Vasnik capsules and get 60 days worth of Vasnik Capsules supply. 

swarn shakti complete course price

Complete 90-DAY Course
(180 Capsules) 4197 2599/-

Complete 90-day course to help you achieve your sexual wellness goals. 

Best for permanent solution as Ayurvedic Remedies like Vasnik takes time & patience to treat you naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vasnik capsules vegetarian?

Yes, Vasnik capsules are 100% vegetarian and are made using pure & natural ayurvedic herbs. No animal extract or product is used during manufacturing of Vasnik Capsules.

What is the recommended dosage?

For best results, one should take 1Capsule after breakfast, and 1 capsule after dinner daily preferably with lukewarm milk otherwise water.  For Best Results continue at least 60-90 days.

Are there any side effects of using Vasnik Capsules on prolonged usage?

No. Vasnik Capsules are made using 100% pure and natural herbs and ingredients with zero side effects.

How long should one take these capsules for permanent results?

To get the best and long-lasting results, one should complete at least 90-day Vasnik course without any gap.

Do Vasnik Capsules offer Instant Results?

The efficacy of Vasnik Capsules totally depend on case-to-case basis. For someone it will show instant results and for others the results will start coming in a few days. Pure ayurvedic preparations are known to provide permanent solution so you might have to wait for a few days for best results. 



Vasnik is a Holistic Remedy for Sexual Satisfaction & Lifelong Happiness. 
One remedy, several benefits 

Harder Erection

Vasnik Capsules help you in achieving a harder and long-lasting erection, every time.

Increased Stamina

Satisfy your partner always with increased sexual stamina, vigor and passion.

Long-lasting Performance

Never suffer from the problem of premature or early ejaculation with Vasnik.

Stay Energetic & Active

Being 100% natural solution, herbs in Vasnik capsules help you in staying fit, active and energized.

Beat Marital Stress

Never let your partner down and enjoy a happy and satisfied sexual and martial life.

Stay Happy

Enjoy sexual high every night and stay satisfied and happy in life.

Improve your sexual weakness
by power of natural herbs with Ultimate Bhasmas

Vasnik Capsules contains Pure Swarna MashkikBhasma, Pure Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Shatavri, Akarkara, Gokhru, Makardhawaj, and some more powerful herbs to improve erection size, boost your testosterone levels and libido naturally.