Vasnik Herbal Sex Capsules – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients and Side Effects

This is a world wide known truth that Ayurveda has the power to heal the most complex of diseases and ailments. When it comes to sexual disability or low sex power, there is nothing better than an Ayurvedic remedy.

Vasnik capsules are 100% pure and effective Ayurvedic remedy that is enriched with the power of pure Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Muesli, Kaunch, Gokhshru, Loh Bhasma and Swarn Bhasma along with several rare herbs.

Vasnik capsules are a really potent remedy that can give you permanent cure to your sexual troubles. Whether it is loss of libido, early ejaculation, low sexual stamina or any advanced stage sexual problem like Erectile Dysfunction, Vasnik capsules can help you fight off all your sexual troubles with a proven 60-days course that is known to bring vitality, vigor and passion back in your life naturally with permanent effects.

Benefits of Vasnik Capsules

  • Vasnik Capsules Helps Boost Sexual Libido?
  • Vasnik Capsules Improve Your Sexual Stamina
  • Vasnik Capsules Cure Erectile Dysfunction
  • Vasnik Capsules bring you thicker & harder erection?
  • Vasnik Capsules Promise Better Sexual Performance
  • Vasnik Capsules Help You Last Longer in Bed
  • Vasnik Capsules help you relieving your stress
  • Vasnik Capsules lower Blood Sugar Levels

Recommended Dosage for Vasnik Capsules

Vasnik is a completely natural and herbal remedy that has to be taken as prescribed for best results. The research team behind Vasnik capsules have perfected a proven 60-day treatment course that recommends a person to take two capsules every day for 60 days for permanent results. You can find more information about Vasnik 60-day course here. You can also read all details about Vasnik Capsules in Hindi.

Ingredients: Made with 100% Pure & Natural Herbs

Vasnik capsules are a result of years of research into the efficacy of several ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients. After spending years on perfecting the right formulation based on ancient traditional methods, the Vasnik team created a powerful concoction of 3 Ultimate Bhashma (Including Swarn Mas. Bhashma) with 12 rare herbs mentioned below.

  • Sudh Shilajit Ext. (Asphaaltum Punjabium)
  • Ashwagandha Ext. (Withania Somnifera)
  • Safed Musli Ext. (Asparagus adscendens)
  • Shatavari Ext. (Asparagus racemosus)
  • Makardhwaj
  • Akarkara
  • Salam Panja
  • Salam Misri
  • Jaiphal (Myristrica fragrans)
  • Nagkesar (Messua Ferrea)
  • Gokhshru (Tribulus terrestris)
  • Kaunch Beej (Mucuna prureins)
  • Swarna Makshik
  • Abhrak Bhasma
  • Loh Bhasma

This formulation of these all rare and effective herbs along with these 3 ultimate bhashmas is a unique and rare combination that provides an individual with the power of pure herbs which are known to boost sex power and improve one?s ability to perform better sexually with harder & thicker erection and amazingly increased stamina. 

Side Effects of Vasnik Herbal Capsules

Vasnik Herbal Capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, all the ingredients are tested for quality multiple times before being added to the final formulation. So, there are no chances of adulteration. As the formulation has been prepared by professional experts with years of experience, the remedy is known to cause zero side effects.?

The herbal nature of ingredients, thoughtful formulation and ISO-9001 & GMP-certified manufacturing process ensures you get pure herbal solution for all your sex problems. And yes, Vasnik capsules can also be consumed for a long-term without any side effects for which sex remedies promising instant results are infamous. So, you can take Vasnik capsules without any worries.?
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20 thoughts on “Vasnik Herbal Sex Capsules – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients and Side Effects”

    1. Hello Sir, yes it is very effective for Premature ejaculation as well as hard erection. But it is an ayurvedic supplement, so it takes moderate time to improve naturally, do not expect instant results.

  1. Hari narayan sahoo

    क्या यह कप्सुल पुरुष एवं महिला दोनों ले सकते हैं?

    1. Male and female dono hi le sakte hain uska koi nuksaan nhi hai. Par ye males ke liya bnaya gya h isliye jyada beneficials males ke liye rhta h. Females agar leti h to 1 capsules dailly only.

  2. After how many days it will start working ?? For how many days this pills need to take and what is better way to consume this ??

    1. Hello Sir, It is always shows better efficacy if taken with milk. Generally within 3-7 days you may start noticing results. In some people it may take little longer like 10-15 days.

    1. In General, Vasnik capsules doesn’t harm digestion system. But still you can start with 1 capsule daily, then when after 3-4 days take 1 capsule twice daily.

    1. Intercourse is not mandatory while taking vasnik capsules. Unmarried people can also use this supplement who do not perform sexual intercourse.

      THank You

    1. Yes sir it will surely help. and Alongwith Vasnik Capsules Take Saint Ayurveda L-Arginine Capsules also. This will help enhancing blood flow in penile nerves which may improve better erection.

    1. Yes Mam, Vasnik is really an effective and safe remedy for premature ejaculation. Along with vasnik capsules it is suggested to control over excitement during intercorse.

  3. My body Weight is above 120 kg Cant able to satisfy my partner bcoz of PE and ED.Should this capsules help me to satisfy my partner.pls reply

    1. yes sir this course will definately help you. But it is advised to reduce some weight for better health and performance.

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