Vasnik Capsules 90-day Course: Sure Shot Way to Boost Your Sex Power Naturally without Side effects

Sexual impotence is a common issue among modern men. People try all sorts of home-made formulations and ayurvedic medicines to cure their sexual problems. Nowadays, there are several instant remedies that promise the ultimate results in the form of better sexual performance.

Instant sexual performance remedies ask you to pop a pill just before intercourse and forget all your performance woes. But let us tell you, such an approach is fatal and potentially making you completely infertile in the long run.

A lot of individuals nowadays are looking for an effective & natural cure for their sexual troubles. Vasnik Formulation has come up with an effective, safe and permanent solution that can help you deal with sexual issues without any side effects. The solution comes in the form of a 60-days focused course that demands that you take 2 capsules daily along with some lifestyle changes to get permanent cure.

What is So special about Vasnik 60 Days Course?

The 60-day course is a result of dedicated efforts by our expert R&D team who spent thousands of hours not only in perfecting the right formulation but creating an ultimate course that will promise permanent results for your sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, loss of libido, loss of stamina etc. This course has been used by thousands all over the country during prelim tests and has shown remarkable results across all age groups.

best sex capsules for all ages, age above 50, no side effects


Excellent Results in all Ages – We have users across the nation from 18 to 65 yeas old

What will you have to do during the 60-day course period?


For being successful at boosting your sexual power naturally, you will have to make some lifestyle changes. These changes are essential to ensure that you get permanent results and total relief from sexual woes. You would ideally be required to perform the following activities during the Vasnik 60-day course period: 

  • Taking two Vasnik capsules daily with lukewarm water or milk
  • Reducing the intake of fried foods and sugar in your daily diet
  • Stop taking instant sex booster drugs for improving sexual performance
  • Doing light daily exercises like jogging, cycling or cardio exercise for 30 minutes every day

All these activities are really simple and can be done with minimum effort. You don’t need to go to a doctor, don’t need to harm your body with drugs that can cause long term side effects like high blood pressure. All you need to begin this course is just a pack of Vasnik Capsules. So, why don’t you order and get started now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vasnik capsules vegetarian?

Yes, Vasnik capsules are 100% vegetarian and are made using pure & natural ayurvedic herbs. No animal extract or product is used during manufacturing of Vasnik Capsules.

What is the recommended dosage?

For best results, one should take 2 capsules daily with milk or lukewarm water. One can even take 1 capsule half an hour before sexual intercourse for better results.

Are there any side effects of using Vasnik Capsules on prolonged usage?

No. Vasnik Capsules are made using 100% pure and natural herbs and ingredients with zero side effects.

How long should one take these capsules for permanent results?

To get the best and long-lasting results, one should complete the 60-day Vasnik course without any gap.

Do Vasnik Capsules offer Instant Results?

The efficacy of Vasnik Capsules totally depend on case-to-case basis. For someone it will show instant results and for others the results will start coming in a few days. Pure ayurvedic preparations are known to provide permanent solution so you might have to wait for a few days for best results. 

swarn shakti complete course price

Complete 60-DAY Course
(120 Capsules) 8996 5499/-

Complete 60-day course to help you achieve your sexual wellness goals. 

Best for permanent solution as Ayurvedic Remedies like Swarn Shakti takes time & patience to treat you naturally.

Pack of 30 days
(60 caps)

4498 2999/-

This pack can take you halfway through your dream of achieving sexual niravana. 

Buy this pack of 60 Vasnik capsules and get 30 days worth of Vasnik Capsules supply. 

pack of 15 Days
(30 Caps)

2249 1699/-

Exclusive trial pack for you to try out Vasnik’s efficacy and effectiveness. 

Take 2 capsules daily for best results. The trial pack completes 1/4 part of the complete 60-day course. 

Improve your sexual weakness
by power of natural herbs with Gold Bhasma

Vasnik Capsules contains Pure Swarna Bhasma, Pure Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Shatavri, Akarkara, Gokhru, Makardhawaj, and some more powerful herbs to improve erection size, boost your testosterone levels and libido naturally.

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